The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom

Passport Photographs

Strict Dutch passport photograph standards

Dutch passports and identity cards contain an electronic chip on which a person's facial characteristics are stored. Passport photographs will only be accepted if they meet all the conditions.
Important is:

  • the size of the photo
  • the quality of the picture and exposure
  • the expression
  • the visibility of the face
  • the background and positioning

It is important that the contours of your face, including the whole forehead, eyebrows, chin, cheeks, etc. are clearly visible. 

British and EU standards are different from the Dutch requirements. Photos can only be approved when all Dutch criteria are met. Further information on the requirements and the exceptions can be found in the Photomatrix 2007

List of photographers
Various photographers in the United Kingdom have been informed of the requirements for Dutch passport photographs. Please find a list of these photographers here. You are free to choose one of these or another photographer. However the Dutch Embassy is in no way liable for incorrect passport photos and any (additional) costs. Please make your own arrangements with the photographer in case you would need a refund if your photos are rejected for some reason. The Dutch embassy reserves the right to reject photos that do not meet the requirements.