The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom

What we do

In case you were wondering what it is an Embassy actually does, we have made a list of some of the most important activities and services provided each year by our 60-odd staff at our Embassy in London, our consulates across the UK and our Netherlands Business Support Office in Manchester.

1. Passports, visas and other consular affairs:

  • Each year, we issue approximately 24,000 passports. This is comparable to the number issued by a city of the size of Maastricht.
  • We also issue approximately 16,000 visas to people of approximately 130 different nationalities.
  • We issue about 600 emergency passports and laissez-passer documents.
  • Embassy and consular staff visit each of the 160 Dutch detainees in British prisons twice a year, every year.

2. For Dutch and UK-based business:

  • We are directly responsible for the generation each year of investment worth around €48mn into the Netherlands from or through the United Kingdom, in turn generating an average of 385 jobs in the Netherlands each year;
  • We assist SMEs, individuals and larger corporations with more 500 trade enquiries, market scans and market research work;
  • We organise approximately 60 trade missions and business trips.

3. Representing the Netherlands and its interests to the British government, British public and in international affairs:

  • We represent Dutch interests on a wide variety of issues such as European cooperation, Icesave, nuclear security, kidnapping, piracy, the Middle East Peace Process;
  • We liaise with British authorities on security and defence, police cooperation, drugs smuggling and people trafficking;
  • We organise about 40 governmental, ministerial and Royal visits to the UK;
  • We provide support to around 80 members of the Dutch armed forces stationed in the United Kingdom and arrange 45 training missions, exercises and naval visits of the Dutch military in the UK;
  • We maintain relations with a network of thousands of influential individuals and organisations (NGO’s, civil society organisations, think tanks, trade unions, faith organisations, universities, local and national politicians and other influentials).

4. Promoting Dutch culture and creative enterprise in the United Kingdom:

  • Each year, we support at least 150 cultural events throughout the United Kingdom, from contributions to London Fashion Week to the Edinburgh Fringe, from literature in Northern Ireland to pop music in London;
  • We provide cultural brokerage services for more than 500 Dutch artists, orchestras and cultural organisations;
  • We host and facilitate the visits of more than 80 groups of Dutch students, universities and foundations;
  • We represent, assist and promote the Netherlands through a wide variety of online channels such as this website (about 500k unique visitors per year), several active Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+ official Embassy accounts, as well as individual staff accounts.