The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom

Dutch consulates in the UK

From 1 March 2015, honorary consuls in the UK are no longer able to process applications for a Dutch passport or Dutch identity card or visa applications.

The honorary consuls are still available:

  • to issue or sign a life certificate ('attestatie de vita') for a Dutch national and
  • to legalise signatures of Dutch citizens resident in their area or to issue a certified copy of a Dutch passport.
    The above services must be applied for in person and you will need to contact the honorary consul during normal office hours to make an appointment. All other consular statements can be applied for by post to the Dutch Embassy in London.
  • to provide emergency assistance to Dutch citizens, for example, issuing laissez-passers (emergency travel documents) to Dutch tourists who have lost their passport or ID card.
    The first point of contact for an emergency travel document is the Dutch Embassy in London as the Embassy has to give approval for the issuance of an emergency travel document.

The honorary consuls can be contacted using the telephone numbers listed below. The honorary consul will provide you with the address details for the appointment when an appointment is made.

Contact details honorary consuls


Sandy Manson



Carson McMullan

07484 717280


Bert Thijssen

07552 860817


Helen Thomas


James Ryeland

01304 248 322


Frank Gill

07731 553120


Raacida Amenzou

00 34 633 89 3332


Graham Thoume

07911 723645

Hamilton, Bermuda

Marijke Peterich

00 1 441 236 4578


Steve Kettlewell

01482 224 911


David Prior

077 2435 3464


David Prior

077 2435 3464


Andrew Wood

01603 756533

077 6608 6453


Ian Moran

023 81 290650