The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom

Extension of passport renewal pilot in Edinburgh until 1 June 2017

News article | 21 February 2017

Since 5 September 2016 until 1 June 2017, Dutch nationals in the UK will have the choice of applying to renew their travel document (passport and identity card) either at the Embassy in London or at VFS Global in Edinburgh (NB Not at the Consulate).

The pilot is meant for Dutch nationals who

  • already hold a valid Dutch travel document, or

  • an expired travel document up to a maximum of two years prior to the date of the application.


    To renew your Dutch travel document at VFS Global in Edinburgh, you can make an appointment online via de VFS website VFS Global in Edinburgh.  It is also possible to make an appointment by telephone by calling 0871 376 0023 (costs are 6 pence per minute besides the standard telephone rates) or by sending an e-mail to  You will have to pay a handling fee when lodging an application at VFS Global.


    Click here for required information to renew your travel document and click here for the application form for your travel document.


    You will be able to pick up the new travel document in person at VFS Global in Edinburgh. You will receive an invitation by e-mail to collect your new document in person. You can also choose to have the new travel document send to your home address. This means that VFS Global will charge you additional costs.


    VFS Global Edinburgh opening times: Monday till Friday from 08:30 – 17:30.


    First-time applicants for a passport or identity card and applicants for a new passport or identity card when their passport or identity card has been lost or stolen, must follow the regular procedures and apply via the Dutch Embassy in London.


    Please note: if you have already made an appointment to renew your travel document at the Embassy in London and you would rather submit the application in Edinburgh, do not forget to cancel your appointment at the Embassy! Having problems canceling the appointment, please send an e-mail to