The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom


Dutch cycling culture, the way we know it today, has its roots in the 1970s. To the Dutch, cycling is seen as the natural and most practical way of getting from A to B, particularly in towns and cities.

Watch this video below on the origins of Dutch cycling culture: “Cycling for everyone”.


At the Embassy, we have been active in bringing the Dutch experience and knowledge  of cycling  and cycle infrastructure to the UK since the beginning of 2012. We supported London Cycling Campaign in their ”Love London, Go Dutch” campaign in 2012 and their “Space for Cycling Campaign” in 2014.

During that time, we also set up and jointly organised a series of six one-day conferences around the UK called “Love Cycling, Go Dutch”. Dutch cycling experts teamed up with their British counterparts to see how the Dutch cycling experience could boost Britain's cycle network and increase safety and public support for cycling. Cycling experts, urban planners and politicians enthusiastically exchanged views in both practical workshops and seminars. We held conferences in Bristol, London, Edinburgh, and Manchester in Autumn 2012, and Birmingham and Newcastle in Autumn 2013. In the run-up to the conferences, a select group of British stakeholders also redesigned a junction according to Dutch design principles  under the expert leadership of professionals from the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

The Embassy also hosted the kick-off to Bike Week 2013, 2014 and recently 2015. At the invitation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a group of UK “influentials” visited the Netherlands on a three-day trip  in the summer of 2013 to see and experience Dutch cycling culture for themselves is about..

The Embassy’s Trade Section is very happy to assist you with finding the relevant cycle expertise and/or contacts or to help answer any other cycling-related queries.

H.M. Ambassador Simon Smits

H.M. Ambassador Simon Smits