The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom


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Talk with Femke Halsema

25 Feb 15

Engage with former Dutch Politician Femke Halsema, who was leader of GroenLinks (the GreenLeft party).

Talk with Adriaan van Dis

10 Mar 15

Join us for a talk with one of Dutch leading authors, Adriaan van Dis. With the publication of his Indies inspired compilation book “De Indie boeken” in 2012, Van Dis establishes himself as one of the most significant second generation authors of Dutch Indies literature. Van Dis will talk about his newest book, called: “Ik kom terug” (English: “I am coming back”). The book is a tragicomedy about the wild life of a woman who looks back on her century.

Film screening De Eetclub

18 Mar 15

Come and watch the Dutch thriller “De Eetclub” (The Dinner Club) on Wednesday 18 March in Dutch Centre. “De Eetclub” is the exciting film adaptation of Saskia Noort’s bestseller book. Karen (32) and Michel (36) move with their daughter to an exclusive residential area. She soon finds a new close circle of friends: the women of the Dinner Club, and their husbands. But when two of the Club members commit suicide under suspicious circumstances, Karen starts to have second thoughts about her new friends. She has to choose: will she reveal the truth and dish the dirt, or will she protect the interests of the Dinner Club?

Talk with Joris Luyendijk

14 Apr 15

Engage with Dutch writer and journalist Joris Luyendijk. Luyendijk is a former Middle East correspondent and wrote an experimental Banking Blog for the Guardian newspaper, which looks at the world of finance from an anthropological perspective. For two years, Luyendijk plunged in the financial sector in the City of London. In his new book, called “Dit kan niet waar zijn” (Eng: “This cannot be true”), he tells about his experiences with insiders from the banking world. Are bankers monsters? Is greediness the problem? And more important: is it possible that another crisis will happen? Are the root causes of the 2008 crisis solved by now, or is the financial world still a time bomb in the heart of our society? Find out on Tuesday 14 April!

King's Day Celebration

27 Apr 15

Mark 27 April in your diary, as we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on the biggest Orange fest of the year! Millions of Dutch worldwide will take to the street clad in the national colours for the traditional celebration of the monarch’s birthday. Join us for the celebration of King’s Day and enjoy the “orange madness” in the Dutch Church with drinks and a live-band. Don’t forget to wear Orange!